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Dr. Jason Ryan, an MD and Cardiologist at the University of Connecticut Medical Center, is an award-winning educator and has been teaching as a medical school professor for years. His passion for medical science and teaching led him to create Boards & Beyond. Launched in 2015, Boards & Beyond is a multi-million dollar eLearning business with more than 80k paid subscribers. It is one of the most popular eLearning platforms for medical students appearing for United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) board exams. The platform consists of over 650 videos, 2500 quizzes and 50 custom curricula, all developed by Dr Jason Ryan. The platform offers content for a wide array of subjects, such as cardiology, biostatistics, biochemistry and more. Each subject covers the full range of subtopics for USMLE Step 1 including:

  1. Embryology
  2. Physiology
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Pathology

Topics within each section mirror those of First Aid for the Boards.


  • Consulting & Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Custom Application Development
  • DevOps
  • Continuous upgradation
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support (24x7)
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In January 2020, Dr. Ryan contacted Unified Infotech for a Request for Proposal (RFP) to completely transform their current platform into a modern-day application, harnessing the power of the latest technologies. He wanted a seamless user experience, with added functional elements for engagement and a highly sophisticated admin backend console. Unified Infotech was chosen as the technology partner on the basis of a comprehensive presentation prepared by the business analyst team. We highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, gave suggestions of new functional elements backed by data and designed a high-level information architecture of the proposed system. Additionally, we developed a detailed blueprint of execution, security and uptime.

The Challenge

While the popularity of the platform and its content quality remained high, the user experience (UX) was outdated, leading to a slow and low performance website. As a result, newer players with lower quality content but with a modern UX and functional engagements, were more successful.

The Solution


Unified Infotech custom-built a robust and highly scalable eLearning solution using cutting-edge technologies, along with a best-in-class user experience. Micro-level competitor analysis was conducted and the new platform’s user interface was integrated with relevant and popular functional elements. A custom interactive video player was built so that students could effortlessly participate in quizzes, answer queries and take notes, all while watching videos. Some of the major functional modules which were introduced in the new system alongside a fresh user interface were:

  • Dashboards
  • Custom playlists
  • Gamification
  • Flashcards
  • Competition with peers
  • Community
  • Analytics

Our developers built a highly sophisticated admin back-end console to make content administration effortless and manage other aspects of the business such as business intelligence, accounting and user management.

A special emphasis was given to the system architecture to ensure the platform doesn’t experience any downtime when multiple users are watching the videos or using the website simultaneously. We determined that the security matched up to the highest enterprise-grade standards, as renowned universities such as the NY Medical school, Harvard and University of Pennsylvania wanted to tie-up directly with the platform.



2x Revenue and 3x User Engagement increase after the launch of the new platform, with 99.97% uptime.

Universities such as Harvard, NY Medical School and University of Connecticut have registered for direct tie-ups.

"Unified Infotech had been outstanding. They have got an excellent team of proactive experts. I am very grateful to have them as partners in my business. Absolute top stuff "


Dr. Jason Ryan

Founder & CEO

If you have a legacy or inefficient system, and want to modernise the same but only by experts who can hold your hand along the way and guide you, then

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