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Engineered this cloud based document management platform for developers, architects, designers, agents and homeowners


HouseLab is a great new system for builders, developers, architects, designers, real estate agents and homeowners. Warranties, manuals, plans, permits, paint colours, key contact details can be uploaded to a secure, branded online hub and then handed over — elegantly, sustainably and simply. Includes systems to support defect management and periodic servicing.


  • UX/UI Design
  • Web App Development


  • Homeowner face trouble to manage a stack of papers and files for invoices, warranties and other property related documents

  • Builders need to manage papers like blueprints, manuals, invoices and warranty cards for different properties which can be a single property or multi-property apartment. Also a challenge for them to provide these document copies to buyers while handover


  • HouseLab provides a solution to manage the soft copies of the document organized properly in the application

  • HouseLab provides property setup as single property and multi-property apartment for Builders to setup with documents and one-click handover to their buyers

Key Features

Project and property management

Houselab platform allows developers and real-estate agencies to build a meaningful relationship with their customers by providing them with an efficient way to manage their new home and reducing post-occupancy costs by ensuring they have everything they need.

File and folder storage

Understanding the complexity and importance of the everyday activities, Houselab helps to manage everything from big projects to personal stuff by storing all the manuals, warranties, receipts and other important documents in a secure area

Roles and Permission Management

Based on users’ job duties, roles and permissions provide various levels of access to users including full access to all aspects of a project, editing details of a project and viewing access. Using roles enables owners to easily define permissions for an entire group of users

Project Collaboration

This allows users and stakeholders to collaborate effectively on project tasks or during handover. Transparent communication keeps everyone informed about the updates so that a user is anxiety free.

Defect Management

A defect dashboard that helps in gaining important insights and lists all defects across selected properties. The defect creator can easily group the list of defects based on the status which are open, accepted, resolved, fixed and rejected.

Expense Management and Tracking

Expense management made easy. Gain control over your expenses by getting real-time visibility into project expenses. Access all your bills, receipts and expense submissions from your Houselab dashboard and create, validate, or refuse them in just a click.

Reminders and Notifications

Email reminders and online alerts allow you to keep up with the things that you need to do. Keeping records of all your maintenance activities helps you to add value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Project Handover

Initiate the handover process by uploading all correct details of your property. Many people at the handover of a new unit or new home do not understand or even know what the relevant industry standards are. Houselab is designed to ensure you get what you pay for.