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Mobile App Development

UX/UI Design

RESTful API Development


  • Curation of short films from all over the globe

  • Popularity and awareness of short films

  • Filmmakers find it really hard to decide which internet platform to publish content


  • Create a gateway for great short films for a global audience

  • A platform for independent short filmmakers

  • A platform for viewers to be aware of unspoken stories of the society

Planned to perfection

Our UX professionals delivered the best user experience within the time and budget available, keeping user’s need at the core. We quickly generated ideas, collected feedback, explored interaction ideas before moving into visual design and development.

Innovative AI technology for movie recommendations

Our 1-minute film taste analyzer gives insights about your film preferences through diagrams. has one of the most innovative artificial intelligence technology based on neural networks. This technology understands films better than any other technology in the world.

Custom-made Adaptive Bit-rate Video Player

It works by detecting CPU capacity and user's bandwidth in real time and accordingly adjusting the quality of the media stream.