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OpenReel’s patented Remote Video Capture™ technology empowers distributed enterprise, media and entertainment teams to remotely control, market and analyze high definition video projects from a mobile device or webcam in over 125 countries. With its patented suite of Remote Video Creation™ capabilities, OpenReel™ makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to cut down on the time and resource-intensive process of in-person video shoots and scale content creation initiatives efficiently. Fortune 500 companies and beloved consumer brands trust OpenReel™ to power their testimonials, internal communications and thought leadership content.


  • Consulting & Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Engineering
  • DevOps
  • Continuous upgradation
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support (24x7)


OpenReel used to run a video production studio that was based out of New York City. During their growth phase, they realized how resource-intensive and expensive video shoots were. Their hands-on experience in the space showed them an opportunity to streamline the process of creating professional-quality video content. The idea was formed to create a SaaS platform that will make it easier and cheaper for businesses to create video content. In 2017, Unified Infotech was chosen as the technology partner after impressing the client with our unique consultative approach during pre-sales where numerous ideas were brought to the table.

The Challenge

Earlier, remote video shooting had no existing technology with HD quality and various camera controls. The goal was to create a remote video shooting technology which can be both patented and trademarked. The limited technology in the field of video and camera control existing at that time, made remote shooting with advanced camera functionality a challenge. This was the value proposition of the product upon which the client was looking to build their business. Additionally, there were several other challenges in terms of advanced video editing, tracking and streaming capabilities, but none more complex than that of remote shooting.

The Solution


After in-depth research, we customized a highly sophisticated platform with a patented remote video technology through which you can remotely control the resolution, frames-per-second and stabilizer settings on the Subject’s device. Users can view volume, battery and connectivity to ensure a successful shoot. You can capture multiple angles for high production value, as well as record a panel with up to four different Subjects on disparate devices in multiple locations. The solution also consisted of a smart piece of technology that would turn the Subject’s device into a teleprompter during filming, allowing the Subject to read from a script during live shoots. Collaborators can adjust scrolling speed and font size to the Subject’s preferences, as well as make script edits in real-time.

Over the years, the idea took the shape of a full-blown, end-to-end video SaaS platform, where besides video shooting, the end user can also edit, stream and market the videos.

This large scale digital ecosystem that we have engineered over the years, includes:

  • Mobile applications
  • Chrome browser plugins
  • Custom JavaScript video player
  • Salesforce set-up and integration
  • Advanced aws set-ups
  • Enterprise-grade security


Starting from scratch to now :

From a business idea to a $25M venture-funded SaaS platform with patented technology.

Fortune 500 and well-renowned clientele like Amazon, Dell and Hubspot across 126 countries.

"Unified performed flawlessly and has been a great partner for Openreel over the years. They are also exceptionally good at discerning the unknowns in development and their consulting and suggestions have been game-changing"


Joe Mathew

CTO & Co-founder